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    Need an eBook Cover but you are on a tight budget? I have designed these eBook covers to deliver the look and feel for several different genres. I will change the title, add a sub-title and add your name. The best part is that you get a one-of-a-kind eBook cover to fit your budget. That's right, when you purchase one of my Pre-Designed Covers, I will mark it as sold, never to be sold again!


    "I looked at many book cover websites, but when I saw Rick's, his artwork jumped out at me; talk about horror. It was just the style I was hoping for. I contacted Rick through email, then he said I could either call him or email. Talking to someone on the phone is getting rare these days. Rick was friendly, fast, and professional. I needed to make a change after he finished my cover and the deal was done, and Rick said, "No problem." He's "The Man!"
    John Bartlett - Author of "Mongweet"

    "Thank you so much. I love this cover, it’s beautiful and fitting."
    Matta - Author of Broken

    "In an age where many vendors and service professionals show apathy, I found the opposite in Rick Green when he created the most wonderful book cover for my novel. Rick was responsive, always getting back to me within the day or two. He made me feel more than comfortable when I made changes, not “nickeling and diming” me with each revision. It was quite apparent that his main goal was to see that my book cover was everything I wanted it to be."
    Amy Benevento - Author of Jackel Island

    "In my opinion he has really captured the essense of Daisy and I love it."
    Robert A.V. Jacobs - Author of Daisy Weal

    "I am absolutely thrilled with the job Rick Green did on my cover. While designers I’ve worked with before seem limited on what they are able (or willing) to do, Rick was able to copy my vision to perfection. I couldn’t be happier with both the final product and the process of getting there."
    John Ashley - Author of the Xavier Series.

    "The author is very happy.."
    Craig Schenning - Old Line Publishing

    "I love it! It’s great and will work perfectly for our purposes."
    Craig Schenning - Old Line Publishing

    "I love it!"
    George Cedeno - Author of Gengo

    "Thank you very much. This is the fastest I've ever received a cover."
    Adam Moon - Author of Experiment

    "Everyone loves my covers"
    Lisa Vandiver - Author of Where She Belongs

    "I have had the pleasure of working with Rick Green over the last year on my book covers, book trailer, and commissioned works. Rick is an artist who stands apart from the crowd. He takes pride in delivering your vision to his wonderful graphics. He is always happy to clarify the process and see it to perfection. I am looking forward to a long working relationship with Rick. Kudos!"
    Aron Joice - Author of the "The Lost Children of Managrail" series.